Acknowledgements and Contributions

The version of the Starter Kit you have just read is based on our experiences so far. New insights are bound to arise based on the experience of current and new community leaders. We will take stock of relevant experiences during the recurring meetings of the community coordinators (and are open to comments/contributions from anyone else) and will revise the Starter Kit on a regular basis.

The infographics with flowers and bees have been designed by Geralda van Es ( SPresso Design) and were funded by the Dutch National Plan Open Science (Project H: Accelerate Open Science) and are licenced under CC-BY (INOSC and SPresso Design).

Author contributions are specified in the table below.

Loek BrinkmanUniversity Medical Centre Utrecht, Open Science Community Utrecht, the NetherlandsLead
Antonio SchettinoErasmus University Rotterdam, Open Science Community RotterdamLead
Raul Zurita-MillaUniversity of Twente, Open Science community Twente, the NetherlandsExtensive contributions and suggestions to the text
Anita EerlandUtrecht University, Open Science Community UtrechtExtensive contributions and suggestions to the text
Melanie ImmingLead of ‘Accelerate Open Science’, Project H from the Dutch National Platform Open ScienceInput to Section 1.3
Eirini ZormpaT.B.D.T.B.D.
Hardy SchwammT.B.D.T.B.D.
Vera E. HeiningaUniversity of Groningen, Open Science Community GroningenContributions and suggestions to the text, mostly in 1.3 and 3.4; suggestion for figure in 1.1
Emmy TsangTU Delft, Open Science Community DelftSection 3e ‘Community Building’
Anna van ‘t VeerLeiden University, Methodology and Statistics unit of PsychologyContributions and suggestions to the text; section 3c ‘Interactions between academia and society’
Antoine BlanchardDatactivistFrench translation
Candice FillaudDatactivistFrench translation (images)